Here are the dates for this year’s celebrations:

September 30 – July, August and September birthdays
November 18 – October, November and December birthdays
February 17 – January, February and March birthdays
April 21 – April, May and June birthdays

Birthday Books

All celebrations will be held in the library from 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM. If your child is unable to attend a celebration, they are welcome to join in the next one! Pinnacle Peak’s Birthday Book Celebrations have added hundreds of new books to the library each year! Please help us to do something positive and fun that encourages our children to continue to read and build our wonderful library!

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Questions?  Contact:  Rita Drain -

Birthday Book Celebration 2016-2017

When planning your child’s birthday celebration this year, please consider participating in the Pinnacle Peak PTO - Birthday Book Celebration. It is a great way to commemorate your child’s birthday and expand our school library collection.

We will have several celebrations throughout the year. Prior to the party, you will receive an invitation indicating the date your child is to attend. Simply complete the form and return it to the library with your donation, and your child will be included in our celebration.

Volunteers are always welcome and needed to make the Birthday Book Celebration a success! We also appreciate additional contributions of snacks, drinks and party supplies for the celebrations. Please look on the invitation and help if you can!

Pinnacle Peak’s Birthday Book Celebration will add hundreds of books to the school library each year. Your child’s name and birth date is recorded in the book and will be appreciated for years to come. We hope your child can be a part of this wonderful celebration!